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Door Security For Homes

When thieves want to break into your home, they look for the most vulnerable spots. One of their primary targets is the door. Simple locks, no matter the brand, will not keep a determined burglar out of your home or apartment. Thieves can break in by kicking in a door or using a crowbar to pry it off its hinges. We have door locks, security accessories and high quality doors. You can outsmart the thieves by installing quality door security options with Fullerton Locksmith.

We will help you arm your home against unwanted intruders by securing all the doors in your home. From the front door to the sliding glass door, we offer various options for your home. We can evaluate your home or apartments’ door, door frame, and any attached glass windows to make sure each is as secure as possible. Are there access gates on your property? We can equip your gates with a keyless entry pad so you are able to enter with a push of a remote from the convenience of your car.

Most locksmiths would not recommend securing your door with just a doorknob with a built-in lock. Our licensed locksmiths can fit your door with a deadlock. Fullerton Locksmith offers service with auxiliary deadlocks, rim locks, cane bolts, and flush bolts. We will help you select the right deadlock for your doors, so you can feel safe and secure.

We know you love the feel of the summer breeze through your screen door. Why should you have to worry about safety, fearful of intruders, and have your screen door closed all the time? Fullerton Locksmith can provide elegant screen doors of wrought-iron and steel. You will able to enjoy the seasons without giving up the security of your home.

It is not enough to merely arm your door; you should also choose a high-quality door made of durable materials. We can help you decide if you need a master key system. A master key would enable you to have a series of locks, each with a corresponding key. The master key would allow you to open every lock on your property with one key.

Doorknobs are open to lock picking with a variety of tools, including credit cards. Fullerton Locksmith can install pick-proof devices and doorknobs. We can also electronic entry systems for your door, so you can forgo keys altogether. If a thief manages to pick your door lock, stop them from entering your home. We can install a durable and well-constructed chain for your door. Sliding glass doors tend to be found in more secluded parts of the home. These areas are typically unable to be viewed from the street, and are simple to pick. These doors tend to have very simple locks made of plastic. Our locksmith service can fortify the security of your sliding doors with deadbolts. We can also adjust the track clearance, so sliding doors cannot be lifted from their setting.

When you have a home or apartment, you want all entry points secure. Whether you have wood or metal doors, Fullerton Locksmith can help you arm your home at its most vulnerable spots. Call us for an appointment today. Need immediate door security today? We have a 24 hour emergency hotline and we are waiting for your call.

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