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Home Safes

In this criminal-savvy world, it is not enough in your home security to merely have an alarm system. If a thief were to penetrate your home’s security system, how would you protect your valuables? A simple safe purchased from a store is not enough; you need help making an informed decision on safes. Fullerton Locksmith listens to all of your security questions and helps you select the best safe for your needs. We sell, install, and service safes for your business and home.
Lost Keys

If a loved one has died, and there is a safe involved in probate, we can help. Give us a call and we will help you retrieve any belongings located within the safe.
If you lose your safe key, and need a replacement, do not call the safe manufacturer. When you contact the manufacturer of your safe, you typically need to submit a written request and then wait for a response. Your security is too important to wait. Just call us and we can make a new key on the same day we arrive. We can fix it today.
Non-Removable Safes
Many mass-produced safes available at big-box retailers may not be adequate against theft. If a safe is small enough to be carried out of your home, a burglar would not think twice about stealing the whole safe along with its contents and breaking into it at another location. A locksmith can provide you with large safes, floor safes, and gun safes that cannot be physically removed from your property. We can help you anchor small safes and wall safes to the floor or wall. You do not want to risk losing your possessions to save money for a low-budget safe at a retail store. You can contact Fullerton Locksmith to discuss your safe needs and will help you decide on the right safe for your home. We can also service safes after installation.

Home Safes
Today’s criminals are savvy and may carry an arsenal of tools to use on safes. Outsmart thieves and arm your home with a safe backed by Fullerton Locksmith. To truly protect your valuables, a home safe is recommended for your security and peace of mind. You will rest well knowing your passport, rare coins, jewelry, baseball cards, etc, are well-protected. Fullerton Locksmith is familiar with and trained for electronic safes, combination safes, and gun safes. We are able to add an electronic keypad to bar entry from unauthorized users. Locksmiths are good protection against home invaders because locksmiths specialize in security. Why trust your security to a store-bought safe?
Protection from Fire, Water and Natural Disasters
In the case of natural disaster, how will you protect your important documents and items from fire or water damage? Our locksmith service will make you have the right safe to secure your possessions from the elements.
Gun Safes
If you own firearms, their security is one of the highest concerns for you. If you own a gun, you probably want it to keep it safe from young hands. A locksmith can advise on the right gun safe to secure your firearms. Fullerton Locksmith can set you up with the right gun safe. Looking to step up your home security? Contact us today to discuss all of your safe options. You can make an appointment or if you need quality immediate service, you can contact us at our emergency line anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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