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Laser Keys Locksmith Services

Vehicle key technology has evolved throughout the years, and these new automotive advances are improving vehicle security with highly-specialized keys. If you drive a car model from the last 10 years, you probably use a laser key in your car’s ignition. A laser key is also known as a sidewinder key. Laser keys are more durable and secure keys. However, when you lose or damage a laser key, replacing the laser key is a more involved process than traditional keys. These keys are higher-security than traditional keys, and thus are harder to duplicate. A laser key is easily identified from a regular key due to its unique groove cut in the middle of the blade. A laser key may be symmetrical, so the driver can insert them in the ignition on any side. Laser key duplication or replacement is not offered by all locksmith service companies; but Fullerton Locksmith has all the necessary equipment and experience to replace or duplicate laser keys.

Losing or damaging your car’s laser key can be more complicated and expensive than replacing a traditional house key. A locksmith needs specialized machinery and a unique code from the vehicle’s manufacturer to cut a laser key. In other instances, the key would also need reprogramming. Sometimes a locksmith may unable to duplicate laser keys, and so their customers would typically consult a car dealer. Ordering a duplicate or replacement laser key from your car dealer can be a long process. You would have to show ownership of the vehicle first, before they relinquish the unique identifying code for your vehicle’s laser key. Once you obtained the code, you might still have to wait several days or even weeks for a new key. Dealer services are typically higher in cost than locksmith service costs. We offer a more convenient service than a dealer with fully-trained technicians. Fullerton Locksmith has the knowledge, the skill and the equipment to reproduce a laser key for almost any vehicle, regardless of make or model. Trust professional locksmiths with the experience to get the job done. For an efficient experience of getting your new laser key cut, choose Fullerton Locksmith today.

Our professional and efficient automotive locksmiths can make a new laser key at your location when you make one phone call. Simply provide our locksmith with your car’s VIN number, and we can make your laser key in no time. If the new key needs reprogramming, we can provide that service as well, ensuring the security of your vehicle right on the spot.

If you need quality laser key replacement in Fullerton, please contact us. We have experienced locksmiths who provide fast and friendly service, and we want to help you obtain a brand new laser key. If you have lost or damaged your laser key in any way, we can help. Call us to make an appointment, or if you are locked out and need emergency assistance, call our 24 hour line for immediate service.

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