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Transponder Keys Locksmith Services

Transponder keys represent the latest in vehicle security, featuring an identifying microchip. The key and car communicate via a transmitted signal. The ECU – electronic control unit – communicates with the key. The ECU submits the unique identifying code to your car’s computer, which enables the car to start. This increases your ignition security. This feature is often found in cars by makers such as Honda, Nissan, Toyota and General Motors. Car manufacturers started using transponder keys to curb vehicle theft. Often vehicles are stolen by criminals via hot wiring or other methods of starting the car. Now thieves are unable to steal your car without the transponder key. Each car is uniquely keyed to a certain code, and without the corresponding transponder key, a car cannot be started with another key. Fullerton Locksmith is fully-trained on multiple vehicle transponder keys and we provide consistent service at reasonable rates

Have you lost a transponder key? We are able to program a brand-new key for you using a blank key. Replacing transponders keys is an intricate process that not many locksmiths offer. Fullerton Locksmith is able to make you a new transponder key in the same day you call for service. If you want to provide a loved one or spouse a copy of your vehicle key, and you only have a transponder key, we are able to make a reliable duplicate for you within an hour. If you were to lose or have your transponder key stolen, the professionals at Fullerton Locksmith are able to reprogram your car’s ignition to guard against future theft in case someone finds or stole your key.

If your transponder key gets stuck in the ignition and breaks for any reason, our locksmith service is able to help. You do not have to rely on a mechanic or dealer; no towing is involved. Simply contact us and we will be there to retrieve your broken key, fix the jam, and reproduce a transponder key for you

These keys offer more security for individuals; however, when they are lost or damaged, replacing them is challenging. Some locksmiths do not offer service for transponder keys due to the complications in replacing them. Fullerton Locksmith can respond to all your transponder key needs via appointment or by you contacting us at our 24 hour emergency response line. We utilize revolutionary technology and equipment to cut and program your key with our same-day service.

While dealers can help you with receiving a new transponder key, this process is much pricier than our services. The waiting time for a new key may be several days. Dealers may be not as specialized in certain locks and keys as locksmith, and dealer services usually come with a hefty labor charge for an hour’s work. You can receive quick and reliable service for your transponder key on-site after just a quick phone call to Fullerton Locksmith.

You need a qualified automotive locksmith to work on your transponder keys. Fullerton Locksmith has professionally trained technicians who are familiar with all the keys for the latest models. If you were you to hire another locksmith who provided you with a faulty transponder key, your car would fail to start. To hear more about our transponder key services, please contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs. If you need service immediately, call our 24 hour line. We are available day or night for on-site work. . .

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